WHY WE DO 旅の概要

Round-the-world Journey Project Summary

2006 FIFA World Cup Germany.

Libero -Ashishi and Yomoken - fought three matches with Japanese national football team.

Humiliation at Kaiserslauntern, a desparate struggle at Nurnberg, and a tragic end at Dortmund.

Though it was a tough and painful tournament(Jpnaese national team was eliminated in the prmary tournament with 1 win, 2 losses and 1 draw), the World Cup is not all about one's national team winning.

This fist hand experience that they gained, through this one of the greatest sporting events of the century, became their treasure.

After the World Cup in Germany, Ashishi, based in Canada, continued travelling and Yomoken moved to Shanghai.

Then, in 2008.

Ashishi went to China for business by chance, and they intersected in Shanghai for the first time in years.

This "coincidence" proved to be a major turning point in their lives.

Thought they had different business projects, they hung out every week and talked about their future plans.

As they talked, the topic of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa arose.

Could they do something spectacular for the next great world wide sporting event?

Not only for the tournament in South Africa, but for the process itself?

Could they plan something beforehand?

After brainstorming many possible ideas, they finally came up with this project.

That is a Round-the-World Journey.

This is a grand project that two 30 something single guys in their prime planned throwing everything aside.

Has anyone ever traveled around the 32 countries that will enter the next World Cup mixing journey and football?(Hide's journey is close to this, but he didn't actually go all 32 countries.)

They will document their travels through journals, pictures and videos, and share them with the world through their blog.

And hopefully, they can touch people's hearts by relating the real thrill of travel and the excitement of football.

With those thoughts, Libero begins the journey.